Summer’s Biggest “Quilt Block”-buster Opens

In a world where people live in fear of scratches, dust and fingerprints on their portable electronic devices, a new superhero emerges…

The Comp-Q-Cover Collection
by Whimzie Quiltz and More
Quilted protection for your portable computer, netbook, iPad, tablet, Kindle or e-reader

The Comp-Q-Cover Collection

A mix of fun and function – think quilt chic meets tech geek! – each decoratively appliqued Comp-Q-Cover is created using quality hand-dyed batik fabrics, grid quilted for padded protection and carefully sized to fit.

Available now in lots of eye-catching designs or have a custom Comp-Q-Cover made just for you!

★ ★ ★ ★ A fresh, fun way to protect and carry your iPad or Kindle!
I.M. Institches, KQLT 101.5FM

A++! Stylish enough to carry by itself, a Comp-Q-Cover slips easily into a purse or briefcase when you are on the go, too.
Anita Thimble, Undercovers Magazine

Two thumbs way up… for the cushioned cotton/poly blend batting!
Quilta Comforter, Channel 9-Patch TV

And coming soon for the holidays…
Comp-Q-Cover II: Rise of the Gift Certificates
~ Don’t let someone you love be without a Comp-Q-Cover this holiday season ~


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