Stump the Quilter

When Whimzie Quiltz started 7 years ago, I knew I’d be creating truly custom quilts – not mass-produced blankets you can pick up at any bedding store, but fabric keepsakes that would be especially meaningful to my customers.

However, I had no idea how unique some of your requests would be! Sometimes, I’ve even been stumped – briefly stumped, but stumped nonetheless – about what to design. And while I’ve never had to turn a request down, these unusual quilt ideas really stretched the limits of my creativity:

• A hot pink and black quilt with a pole dancing-theme for a student at a fitness studio

• A state of Michigan-themed wallhanging (you wouldn’t think this would be tough, but when you have an entire state to pick from it’s not easy to narrow down)

• A quilt with 12 distinct cat faces – each matching in fabric one of the 12 cats the customer had raised

• A Boer goat-themed quilt for a young man who showed the unique breed in 4-H (had to research that one; they are actually cool animals)

• A wallhanging symbolizing the devastation and rebuilding New Orleans residents faced post-Katrina

• Coordinating baby quilts – one with butterflies and one with a camouflage/military theme (it’s not like those two go naturally together…)

• A traditional design in red and ecru – sounds easy right? But the quilt needed to fit precisely over a flat-screen TV and sizing it perfectly was definitely tricky!

Want to try and stump me, too?
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