I Was Asked to Review a Book!

Whimzie Quiltz isn’t just a small business; some days, when it’s just me and my fabric stash, I feel almost microscopic. So imagine my surprise, when GUY KAWASAKI – one of the biggest names in marketing and author of nine books – contacted me to ask if I wanted to review his newest bestseller, Enchantment. Naturally, I jumped at the chance!

Enchantment Book CoverAnd I’m so glad I did. Often, marketing books are written for huge companies (with huge marketing budgets). But Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions takes a different approach. Kawasaki’s book is about relationships, how to make you and your company likable and trustworthy enough that other people are “enchanted” and want to join you in a long lasting (and mutually beneficial) relationship. It’s perfect advice for a microscopically small business, like mine, that relies on personal connections.

The book offers concrete tips and has lots of thought-provoking, yet fun, anecdotes. I especially found the section on “Show People Your Magic” interesting. Here Kawasaki describes how winery tours successfully enchant people into wanting a bottle of the wine they saw so carefully prepared.

Which got me thinking… I’ve avoided behind-the-scene looks at how custom quilts are created, assuming customers just want their finished quilt. But, after reading Enchantment, I’ve changed my mind. I need to show how the magic happens at Whimzie Quiltz, not just completed pieces, but the amount of effort and care that actually goes into creating such a treasured keepsake. I haven’t figured out exactly how yet (an open house? a online video? both?) but I love this idea and wouldn’t have considered it before reviewing Enchantment.

“Little ol’ me” is still a bit giddy over being asked to review this book. At one point, I even got a personal email from Guy (check out the section of the book about how email responsiveness can be enchanting – it definitely worked on me!) Still, when the excitement wears off, I’ll have the great tips and techniques to implement. Enchantment was an enjoyable read and a valuable resource, and I’d definitely recommend it – no matter what the size of your business!


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