Whimzie Quiltz Saves Christmas

An email arrived
the other day with a jingle.
“Dear Whimzie Quiltz” it began;
it was signed “Kris Kringle”.

“My North Pole workshop
is really quite cold.
Warm custom quilts
are the solution, I’m told.

A lap quilt for me,
one that fits in the sleigh
(my lap gets so much use
during the day!)

For Mrs. Claus
something in green and red
to keep her extra cozy
while she snuggles in bed.

And miniature quilts for the elves
to thank them, you see ~
everyone should have a quilt
under the tree!”

Oh, the ideas I had
when I got this request!
I went right to work
on Santa’s behest.

Cutting and piecing,
I stitched through the night ~
his custom quilts were ready
before he took flight.

“Ho, ho, ho,” he exclaimed
“I’m very impressed.
I’ll tell all the good boys and girls…
Whimzie Quiltz is the best!”

Have a Warm and Whimzical Holiday!



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