Now Batting for the Quilters…

Batting a thousand is good in baseball; thousands of battings are good in quilting! Well, maybe not thousands, but there are a LOT of different options for the center of your quilt sandwich. And that’s one of the great things about having a custom quilt made — you can choose a batting that “covers all the bases” and turns your quilt into a “homerun”…

Typically, a Whimzie quilt features an 87.5% cotton and 12.5% polyester blend batting for a cozy traditional look that drapes nicely. Occasionally, I’ll recommend a 100% poly batting for puffier, more comforter-like quilts. If you like your quilts extra warm, though, wool battings are the way to go (these are not recommended for frequently washed quilts because the wool will ‘felt’ if agitated too much). Special fire retardant battings are perfect for children’s quilts; the batting will not melt or emit toxic fumes, plus they are non-allergenic and contain no PBDEs. For the eco-conscious, “green” battings are all the rage — there’s one made from a blend of sustainable bamboo, one made primarily from soy and a batting made from recycled plastic bottles (a king size roll keeps 28 bottles out of the landfill)!

More Inspiration…

There’s even a batting on the market designed specifically for insulating quilted pot holders, oven mitts, beverage cozies and more — it has a reflective mylar cover that reflects heat (or cold) but the finished look is just like a regular quilt.

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