A Toast to Quilting

A cup of tea isn’t your only beverage option when curling up with a nice, warm quilt – take it from a wine enthusiast, a glass of Chardonnay goes equally well. Or a glass of Cabernet. Or Merlot. Or Bordeaux… After all, like a fine wine, your favorite quilt only gets better with age, too!

Taking a bottle of two-buck chuck to a fancy party isn’t a faux pas if you bring it in a lovely quilted bottle carrier; coordinate it with a set of fitted coasters and you have a hostess gift even the wine snobbiest will appreciate. (As an especially nice touch, have Whimzie Quiltz make each coaster with a slightly different color or design so they can serve as wine glass markers, helping guests remember which glass it theirs while protecting both furniture and stemware.) Quilted sleeves are great for protecting stored bottles from direct sunlight, dust and damage; sleeves will also keep white wines cooler longer when they’ve been chilled. And when you are ready to pour, a quilted bottle collar, made with an adjustable Velcro closure, will keep that inevitable ‘after-pour drip’ from staining your table, countertop or linens.

More Inspiration…

Capture the memories of sun-filled, fun-filled afternoons in wine country– collect a t-shirt from each winery you tour and have them sewn into a memory quilt like mine (see the quilt here). You’ll eventually drink the bottles you bring home, but you’ll have the quilt for years and years!

Start Your Wine a Bit, You’ll Feel Better Quilt Now ►


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