Top 3 Weirdest Quilt Uses

Most people use a quilt to curl up with while reading or watching TV, to keep warm in bed or to brighten their décor. Occasionally, you’ll see a quilted item that’s a little less traditional –a picnic blanket, a beach bag or a padded toaster cozy. But there are some interesting, creative and, let’s face it, just weird uses for quilts out there!

Wrapping small, extra puffy quilted squares around a suitcase handle makes your luggage more comfortable to carry, easier to pick out at baggage claim and is the #3 strangest use for a quilt. Protecting citrus crops comes in at #2. When the temperatures dip in Florida, you’ll often see orange trees wrapped in blankets to keep them from freezing. (Hey, it works when you’re cold, right?) But the #1 weirdest use for a quilt? Pee-Pee Tee-Pees! Pee-pee tee-pees are little round quilts folded into a cone which you place over, well, a ‘wee-wee’ during a baby boy’s diaper change to prevent accidents. What mother-to-be wouldn’t love custom Whimzie Quiltz create pee-pee tee-pees – an weird, but practical, idea that will be the hit of the baby shower!

More Inspiration…

Moseying through the countryside, you may come upon another weird use for quilts – tourist trap! Hundreds of barns, homes and buildings throughout Appalachia and the Midwest now feature 8’ x 8’ wooden panels with quilt block designs painted on them. Started as a reminder of rural cultural heritage, driving the “quilt barn trails” has become a huge sightseeing draw.

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