I Brake for Quilts ~ Do You?

As anyone who’s spent hours at AutoZone with a horsepower-obsessed hubby knows, you aren’t going to find much quilt-related at the parts store. Which is a shame because quilted car accessories are sure to turn a rough ride into a comfortable cruiser.

There are some who take this idea of car quilts too literally – creating actual fabric covers for their automobiles (Google “quilted car” images some time!) – but on the more practical side, a quilted car seat will give you a splash of color as well as a little extra padding. Can’t find a dashboard cover that fits your big Hummer or tiny Smart? Custom sun shades from Whimzie Quiltz will keep the hot summer sun from fading your interior no matter what the size. And fabric organizers for the sun visor are perfect for holding all the little things that accumulate around the cabin or keep the kids’ toys corralled with a multi-pocketed one for the back of the seat.

More Inspiration…

Apart from driving with your turn signal on, nothing in a car is more irritating than an ill-fitting seat belt. Solution? Wrap a custom-fit Whimzie quilted cover around your seat belt to cushion your shoulder and upper chest – you stay safe, yet finally feel comfortable!

Start Your “Auto” Be Cuddled Up Quilt Now ►


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