Things that Go Quilt in the Night

Many classic horror stories are actually about quilting. Think about it… Dr. Frankenstein, of course, was “piecing” together body parts. The Mummy had a huge fabric stash, even if it was mostly linen. And Count Dracula? Well, you just know the interior of that coffin was quilted for comfort.

The thrills and chills of Halloween practically beg for the warmth of a custom quilt – bats with folded fabric wings or pieced candy corn blocks make “spooktacular” quilts perfect for cuddling up with after a long night in costume. Your trick-or-treat bag will hold oodles more goodies and last for years when it’s durably quilted by Whimzie Quiltz, too. If you are handing out candy instead, consider a fabric bowl using special fusible interfacing and your favorite bewitching material to hold all those mini Snickers bars!

More Inspiration…

Quilting theme costumes are easy and fun. Got a long-sleeved orange t-shirt and some silver leggings? With hands on hips, you’re a pair of scissors. Or wear an oversized red sweatshirt stuffed with newspaper. Add a six-pointed star cut out of green felt on your head and you become the world’s biggest pin cushion.

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