Party All Night, Quilt All Day

Are you ever too old for a slumber party? Of course, not! Staying up all night with good movies, good munchies and good friends never goes out of style. Throw in a game of Truth or Dare and you’re set! In fact, I double-dog dare you not to have a good time, especially if you add quilted accessories to your sleep-over fun.

Great pajama parties always include a makeover – you’ll need eye shadow, lipstick and nail polish at least, so a quilted cosmetic bag to keep it all handy and organized is a must. When everyone’s ready to curl up and share secrets, snuggle right in with a Whimzie quilt made from your favorite old jammies (your husband or boyfriend’s worn pajama bottoms would make a great quilt, too!) And if you are ready to sleep while others are still whispering, then a comfy quilted eye mask will block the light and whisk you off to dreamland…

More Inspiration…

Don’t be caught off guard when the pillow fight starts – come prepared with a custom quilted pillow case for a little extra ammunition!

Start Your Party Hardy Quilt Now ►


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