Quilts with Class

Back to school usually means studying the three “R’s”, but more and more classrooms are adding a “Q” – for quilting – to that traditional list. Quilting modules offer the opportunity to teach kids history, art, math, even economics (early quilters were frugal compared to the $3.3 billion industry quilting is today!)

Getting kids involved in a classroom quilting project is easy – for pre-schoolers, handprints done in special fabric paints can be featured on individual blocks; for grade-schoolers, artwork can be digitally scanned onto printer-friendly fabric. Older children can design their own blocks based on geometric principles and learn to sew the fabric pieces together themselves, while a custom quilter, like Whimzie Quiltz , can be brought in to complete the batting, backing and binding. The finished work of art makes a great teacher appreciation gift, too!

More Inspiration…

Quilted wall hangings highlighting the alphabet, colors or numbers or small quilts featuring motivational sayings are perfect in the classroom. More durable than paper, such quilted decorations make terrific long-lasting teaching aids.

Start Your Make the Grade Quilt Now ►


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