Dog Tired? Cat Nap Under a Quilt

You’d think that since they come with built-in fur coats to keep them warm, your favorite family pet wouldn’t need a quilt – but, really, quilts and pets go hand in hand (or is that “hand in paw”?)

Does your pet have a spot? A place to return to again and again, a place where they feel safe, a place… covered in fur? A small, easily washable custom quilt, also known as a “furniture saver”, will protect your sofa or chair every time your furry friend snoozes. Or, if you instead encourage your pet to sleep in his own pet bed, think stylish and removable quilted covers to keep his sleep zone clean and comfortable. Whimzie quilts help with messy pets, too – splashed water is easily soaked up when there’s a quilted mat under food and water bowls.

More Inspiration…

Small quilted pillows filled with fresh cat nip are the perfect cat toy – treat your normally mild-mannered kitty to ones custom made by Whimzie Quiltz and watch him go wild!

Start Your Dog-gone Cute or Purr-fect Quilt Now ►


One comment

  1. whimziequiltz

    In Memory of Steven Tyler

    Two years ago this month, I lost the most wonderful cat ever, Steven Tyler. Found in a snow bank, the vet guessed he had been on his own for at least two years – nevertheless, Steven Tyler willingly spent his next 16 years with me. He drove 1800 miles with me when I moved to California, accepted my husband – most of the time – when he came into our lives and never met a sunbeam he didn’t like. He was my miracle cat, surviving six years longer than predicted (always get a second opinion!) and I still miss his strong spirit and quiet affection every day.

    For every custom Whimzie Quilt request in November, my husband and I will donate $5 to San Diego’s Helen Woodward Animal Center ( in Steven Tyler’s name.

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