Now We’re Cooking… with Quilts

A pinch of thread, a smidgen of batting and a heaping bowlful of colorful fabric – they’re all part of the recipe for a warm and comfy kitchen. After all, too many cooks may spoil the broth, but too many quilted kitchen accessories can never spoil the fun!

Don’t wear any old apron to protect your clothes from messy spills and splatters when a custom quilted apron can provide you with extra layers of protection. Then, while your entrée’s cooking, quilted bread warmers (and their saucy, South of the Border cousins, tortilla warmers) will keep your already baked goods hot and fresh. And when your gourmet meal is finally ready, table runners and placemats let you serve in style – Whimzie Quiltz can specially design “tasty” sets to complement any kitchen or dining room.

More Inspiration…

Even before you get to the kitchen, quilts can come in handy with shopping cart seat covers keeping kids comfy and germ-free while mom and dad do the weekly grocery shopping.

Start Your Kitchenware with Quilted Flair Now ►


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  1. whimziequiltz

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    Why buy handmade? Because it’s more meaningful to give and receive one-of-a-kind items – like custom quilts! – created with care and attention. Buying handmade is also better for the environment, helps support individual artists and craft persons, and helps all of us reconnect. Visit and take the Buy Handmade Pledge today.

    Let me know after you pledge and receive $25 off your next Whimzie Quiltz order of $250 or more!

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