Every Flower Bed Needs a Quilt

When “patches” of fabric meet “patches” of flowers, the results can be spectacular because both quilting and gardening – sewing and sowing – spring from a deep desire to make the world around us even more beautiful.

Sad to see your annuals fade each season? A custom quilt featuring floral fabrics can be a perennial reminder of the favorites from your garden. Or “bring the outside in” with a scrappy quilt that features fresh shades of leaf, grass, olive and pine green. Whimzie Quiltz can also literally add Mother Nature to a quilt by pounding flowers onto fabric – a unique dyeing process that takes vibrant petals from petunias, iris, morning glories and other blossoms and transfers their color onto prepared muslin for an organic look similar to a watercolor painting.

More Inspiration…

Pamper yourself with an aromatherapy pillow made using soothing lavender or calming chamomile – since it’s custom, you can even include dried herbs grown in your very own garden!

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  1. whimziequiltz

    Planting the Seeds of a Cure

    Because of caring Whimzie Quiltz customers like you, we are already $490 towards our goal of donating $500 to heart disease research in 2008. (Only $10 to go!)

    Remember, my husband and I are contributing $10 for every free quilt design requested and $50 for every Whimzie Quilt ordered, as long as the design or the quilt includes RED fabrics. All donations benefit the American Heart Association.

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