Around the World in 80 Quilts

Okay, maybe not 80, but many countries have quilting traditions specific to their little part of the planet. A custom quilt featuring these unique styles can be your passport to that exotic location that you’ve always wanted to visit.

Can’t make a trip to Asia? The colorful embroidery of Indian Ralli quilts brings the feel of New Delhi to you, while a beautiful indigo quilt from Japan, sewn with stylized Sashiko running stitches, will remind you of Tokyo travels. If a safari isn’t in your future, enjoy the mix of asymmetrical shapes and contrasting colors found in modern-day African quilts instead. Or, maybe your ideal vacation is a little closer to home – in that case, dream of the day with a nature inspired Hawaiian appliqué quilt or a traditional Amish quilt design.

More Inspiration…

When you do travel, are you tired of searching for luggage among all the look-alikes at baggage claim? Colorful quilted handle wraps from Whimzie Quiltz make your suitcases more comfortable to carry and easier to pick out!

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  1. whimziequiltz

    Converting Currency to Cure

    Because of caring Whimzie Quiltz customers like you, we are already $410 towards our goal of donating $500 to heart disease research in 2008. (That’s 260.631 euros, 17,572 rupees or 4262.77 pesos!)

    Remember, my husband and I are contributing $10 for every free quilt design requested and $50 for every Whimzie Quilt ordered, as long as the design or the quilt includes RED fabrics. All donations benefit the American Heart Association.

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