Quilt Gifts Make Gifted Babies

Babies and quilts go together like strained peas and strained carrots. But in addition to being a child’s well loved ‘blankie,’ a custom quilt can also aid in infant growth and development.

Quilts with contrasting color schemes are a great way to encourage sight development in a newborn. Good fabric choices include bold black, white and red, or, for a more traditional look, mix baby girl pink and baby boy blue with a deep chocolate brown. Custom quilts featuring 3D elements can promote hand/eye coordination in young children, too – request zippers, buttons, ties, etc. be added to your Whimzie quilt design for a fun, yet educational, touch.

More Inspiration…

Remember the game “I Spy”? A quilt with lots of different colors and fun images is a great way to play – and learn!

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  1. whimziequiltz

    Smart Adults, Too – “Heart” Smart That Is!
    Because of caring Whimzie Quiltz customers like you, we are already $210 towards our goal of donating $500 to heart disease research in 2008.

    Remember, my husband and I are contributing $10 for every free quilt design requested and $50 for every Whimzie Quilt ordered, as long as the design or the quilt includes RED fabrics. All donations benefit the American Heart Association.

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