“Green” Looks Good on Quilts

Quilts have been doing their part to save the planet for a while now – keeping us warm so we can lower the thermostat and save $$$.  But now quilts are going even more eco-friendly with sustainable fabrics and battings.

For those who like simple quilt designs, the gorgeous solid colors of the Nature’s Palette fabric collection, tinted using environmentally friendly dyes from plants, vegetables and minerals, are perfect.   Feeling a little more adventurous?  Then the greenStyle line featuring contemporary prints in a bamboo/cotton blend is for you.  You can also request ‘green’ batting for your custom quilt from Whimzie Quiltz – either 100% organic cotton grown without chemicals or renewable corn-based EcoCraft.

More Inspiration…

Have a quilt made using your old t-shirts – it’s a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle!

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One comment

  1. whimziequiltz

    RED looks good on quilts, too –
    Because of caring Whimzie Quiltz customers, we are already $180 towards our goal of donating $500 to heart disease research in 2008.

    Remember, my husband and I are contributing $10 for every free quilt design requested and $50 for every Whimzie Quilt ordered, as long as the design or the quilt includes RED fabrics. All donations benefit the American Heart Association.

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