Quilt Bucket List Five

Happy National Quilting Day! 

Generally, I use this annual quilt-y celebration to look back on the quilts I’ve made in the last year and look forward to the quilts I still want to make – my “quilt bucket list”, as it were. After 5 years of observing National Quilting Day this way, I’m starting to realize that the bucket of quilts I want to make has sprung a leak. A LOT of leaks. There are still SO MANY quilts I want to create before I go and there’s just not enough time to make them all…

I finished only 2 quilts for myself last year! I understand why – a lot of my custom quilt orders were for oversized quilts and my Etsy store really picked up around the holidays, so there just wasn’t a lot of “me” quilt time available. At least both quilts that did get done were ones I’d be hoping to finish for a very long time – Made in March and RIP TV.

Still, that’s leaving me a with an ever expanding list of personal quilt projects and an ever shrinking amount of time. I’ve crunched the numbers and my bucket list currently has 25 quilts on it.


At the rate I’m going, I won’t be done until 2031 – and that’s if I don’t think of any more in the meantime! So while I’m over here in the corner hyperventilating, you can take a quick look at just the ones closest to being finished…

Welcome! Everything is fine. Quilt – a new addition based on my current favorite television show, The Good Place. Hoping to finish before Season 3 premiers later this fall

Grinch Panel / A Christmas Story Panel Quilt – bought both panels a while back, but had the hardest time choosing panel-friendly patterns (I think I’ve finally found perfect choices for each)

Sew Geeky Quilt – pulling together my love for sci-fi television and my love for quilting, this one features a LOT of appliquéd pop culture /slash/ sewing puns (like Captain Picard’s classic, “Make it sew”)

Steven Tyler Quilt – a memorial quilt for my rock star kitty cat (not the actual rock star). I’m embarrassed to say how long it’s been since he passed away, but it’s taken me a while to come to grips with the loss and feel comfortable enough to finish this one

Friends Quilt – an addition based on one of my all-time favorite television shows, Friends. Having made a Tardis door quilt and a 221B door quilt, I’m calling this one – which will feature the iconic purple apartment door – Part III of my Door Quilt Series 😀

As for the other 19? Deep breath… a Merry Mustache quilt, a Minions quilt, a sheep quilt, a Monk quilt, a french rose quilt, a Dairy Queen quilt, an NFL quilt, a flamingo quilt, a mermaid tail quilt, a Star Trek quilt, a Beetlejuice quilt, a penguin quilt, a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy quilt, a Christmas dresden quilt, a gingerbread house quilt, a sewing machine quilt, a scottie dog quilt, a Create-themed quilt and, finally, a My Favorite Things quilt.

I think I better get off here and get busy! But I’ll make time to read about your bucket list quilts in the comments if you want to share. Here’s hoping your bucket isn’t as leaky as mine!



Li’l Tom and the Pussyfoot Detective Bureau Pillow


A friend of mine writes books about a cat detective named Li’l Tom who lives in San Francisco. You’re probably sold just hearing the words “cat detective” but what I really loved about her first book were the descriptions of SF, one of my favorite cities in the world. And now she has a second book coming out in March 2018 – just in time for my birthday!

Last year, I purchased an embroidery machine. While learning to use it, a promotional bookmark for Angela’s first Li’l Tom book caught my eye and I decided to give recreating it in fabric a shot —  LilTomPillow

Believe it or not, the eyeglasses and eyes came from an embroidery file for an anthropomorphic school bus – go figure! But that taught me how to select and use different elements from a pre-purchased design. And by playing around with the letters, I learned how NOT to resize fonts and also to make sure any alphabets I purchase in the future include numbers!

I got the pillow finished and sent to her late last month. Who knows? After I read Li’l Tom’s next case, there might be a coordinating pillow, too!

Thank you so much – I absolutely love it. And such quality craftsmanship, as always. It makes me happy that you took inspiration from Li’l Tom. 😻

— Angela Crider Neary

You SUNK My Battleship Quilt

For several years now, I’ve been making each of my 16 nieces and nephews a very special quilt – I call them N ‘N’ N quilts 😀 – starting with the oldest and working my way by birthdate down to the youngest. And I just finished the quilt for #13!


You know how sometimes you can make a single, insignificant comment that when you look back becomes much more important that you ever realized? It’s that sort of thing that led to my favorite memory of this nephew.

It happened during one of the first times he came to visit me in San Diego, when he couldn’t have been more than 3 or so. To keep him busy on the plane trip, his dad taught him to play Battleship on a smart phone app. He showed me the game as soon as he came in the house and I replied, “You know that’s a real board game, don’t you?”

Oh my god! He got so excited! We had to immediately get out my old Battleship board game and set it up. We blew up each other’s ships up and yelled “PWQUSH!” as loud as we could each time there was a hit. (I’d do the classic grown-up move of changing my ships around as he guessed numbers and letters so he’d get more hits and we could make more noise.) We must have played a million games before he went back home.

You’d think a boring old board game wouldn’t measure up to a bright and brisk electronic version, but nothing beat the combination of quality time with Aunt D and a child’s imagination.

That memory was the inspiration for this quilt. All quilts get named and this one is called “You SUNK My Battleship.”

He’s a little bit older now, but during their most recent visit, we played a couple of Battleship games. I don’t cheat to let him win anymore, yet he still beat me a lot of the time. Mostly, though, he’s moved on to Chess (a game I hope to learn someday) and Scrabble. The games we played this time were definitely quieter.

I hope he’ll enjoy curling up with this special quilt for years and years to come. Maybe he’ll get out the board game version of Battleship and play a few games all snuggled up warmly. He’ll remember how much fun he had playing with me when he was just a young thing and let a couple happy “PWQUSH!” noises escape… even growing boys need a little loud fun in their lives now and then!



Check This Out ~ A Checkerboard Game for “Dog” Day Afternoons

My aunt’s granddaughter got a Chihuahua puppy for Christmas and she was so crazy excited.

Since I was ready making a bunch of new quilted checkerboard games for my Whimzie Quiltz Etsy store, it got me thinking that this adorable fabric would make a “paws”itively perfect checkerboard game for her.

So I added it to the list… just hope the puppy leaves them alone long enough to actually play! 😀



Check This Out ~ A Checkerboard Game With Lots of Class!

Anne M. ordered this custom checkerboard game as a teacher appreciation gift for her kids’ great teacher. I LOVE this idea – it’s useful AND unique!

Games make learning fun and a quilted game board can stand up to lots of youthful wear and tear.  Plus it’s so different from the usual goodies or tchotchkes teachers get by the handful.

Maybe your kids have a great teacher whose classroom could use it’s own quilted checkerboard game? If so, visit Whimzie Quiltz on Etsy to see what I have in stock today or order your own custom version, too.




Oversized Chess Pieces Inspire Oversized Chess Board

checkerboardpiecesI’ve been working on a new batch of quilted checkerboard games for my Whimzie Quiltz Etsy shop, so when Lori G. contacted me about a custom board, I said, “No problem; happy to help.” I figured I’d just add it to the growing pile. Then she showed me the oversized playing pieces she wanted the board for – they were freaking gorgeous! That’s when I knew this project would not be a typical quilted checkerboard…GundersenCheckerboardQuilt

The custom board need to be large enough to accommodate her 3″ diameter, non-pawn, chess pieces. So the squares are 3 ½” each; with the two borders, the total size comes to 40″ x 40″.

She had a wonderful color scheme in mind – black, cream, dark coral, gold and turquoise. To make sure the fabrics coordinated with the shabby chic design of the pieces, I bought a crackly black print. Then I tea-stained the black and white striped binding, as well as all the other cream choices, so everything matched. All the other fabrics came from my stash – it was definitely fun picking out patterns and marbles that would work with her request for “funky”.

I’d actually had smaller diamonds in the draft design I forwarded, but once I started piecing them, they just kept getting lost in that sea of black. In this larger size, they “popped” so much better; now Lori can really enjoy the bright, happy accent colors she chose!

I love how the finished quilt works with the wonderful chess pieces she already owned. Here’s hoping she and her family enjoy many games in the years the come!

It’s a Funko Me! Custom Whimzie Quiltz Funko Pop


I love to collect things and my newest collection obsession is Funko Pops. They are just so cute!

While I purchased a few standard Pops – Wonder Woman, Leslie Knope, Allison from Orphan Black – the crafter in me started wanting to make custom versions. Especially a Funko me, or as I like to call her, Funko D.


arielfunkopopI started with a standard Ariel (the Disney princess) collectable because the hair was pretty close to the way I wear mine and the hands were in the perfect position to hold up a quilt. I don’t normally wear a corset and long skirt to work, but I have been known to quilt in my jammies, so let’s call it a nightgown. And while I don’t wear big bows in my hair usually, I am a child of the 80s, and I can’t say there’s never been an oversized hair bow among my beauty accessories.

After a few YouTube tutorials, I figured out how to remove the head for painting (a hair dryer to heat the glue) and the best paint to use (standard craft paint, watered down.)  It does take several coats of the paint to get a smooth look, but the new hair color matches real me’s perfectly and the pink and orange outfit works great with my Whimzie Quiltz colors.

I carefully cut the glasses off another Pop (Diane Nguyen from BoJack Horseman) and glued them to my now re-painted version. Zap a Gap glue turned out to be a godsend for adding the glasses and for putting the head and body back together. A couple coats of Matte Finish Rust-o-leum literally sealed the deal and made her look factory fresh.

I created the quilt using orange and pink scraps in my fabric stash and now I’m pretty positive I will never be a miniature quilt maker.  I’ve seen fantastically detailed miniature quilts online, and after making this rather simple quilt, I’m much more appreciative of all the work people put into those. But this one is great as a representative of what I make – bright and scrappy, warm and happy, “whimzical” quilts!


I am THRILLED with how Funko D turned out and already have some ideas in mind for more custom Pops. As I always say, it isn’t a true collection until the display case overflows! 😀