15th Anniversary Whimzie Quiltz BOM ~ November

To celebrate 15 years in business, I’m making a quilt ~ and setting aside the 15th day of each month to work on the 15th Anniversary Whimzie Quiltz BOM commemorative project.

Check it out ~ the penultimate 15th anniversary quilt block! (Okay, I’m going to be honest, I actually finished this block yesterday, November 14th. But I thought it was the 15th. It’s just been one of those weeks…)


Overall, I’m not sure I’m in love the design of block #11, the pincushion looks a little weird. I tried it without the “stitches”, though, and it looked even weirder, so it is what it is.

And those pins! So if you don’t sew or quilt, you might not get this, but trust me, it’s pretty amusing… I unwittingly chose a pink and orange floral fabric for the tops of the pins. Yep, I created flower head pins without even realizing it!

I really hope you’re enjoying taking the 15th Anniversary Whimzie Quilt journey with me. And remember, there’s still plenty of days each month when I can be working on a super special quilt for you, too! What do you want to celebrate in 2019?

Transporter Chief, Beam Me Up a Trade

While recently listening to The Greatest Generation ~ a Star Trek podcast by “a couple of guys who are embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast” ~ I heard them discussing some Star Trek-themed gifts sent by the AdoptATribble/TribbleOrphanarium. As a person NOT embarrassed by her love of Star Trek, I had to check out that Etsy store!

Turns out the owner, Molly, had some really cute items (including her adoptable tribbles) so I favorited the shop. A couple of days later I got a notification of a new item in stock, this “He’s Dead, Jim” iPhone charger sticker set ~


It’s so hilariously funny! And I knew my husband would think so, as well, making it the perfect stocking stuffer. Because I’d recently participated in a very successful craft swap, I took a chance and messaged Molly to see if she’d be interested in trading a sticker set for this mug rug set I recently finished ~


She agreed!

I love how each of us took a classic original series Star Trek quote and transformed it in our own craft style. Seeing what others do is always such an inspiration and it’s fun to share my quilt-y goodness with someone else, too.

I’m so glad I favorited Molly’s shop as she’s already listed some other cool new items (I think there’s a VelociRiker in my future!) I’d also recommend you check out her second Etsy store Molly Bee Studio Shop. The Marie Condo sticker makes me laugh uncontrollably and the Crack the Patiarchy shirt makes me want to me want to move to Philly just so I can wear one!

Don’t Blink! Quilted Doctor Who Items in Stock Now

Welcome to another edition of Looking for a Good Home ~ my chance to show off some of the quilted items currently for sale in my Etsy shop. These posts are purely sales and marketing, without any custom quilt-y tidbits, so feel free to skip on by if you’re more interested in stories behind the quilts I create. If you do stick around, favorites and purchases are always appreciated ~ use the coupon code GOODHOME in store and save 10%!

The angels may have the phone box, but I’ve got several quilted Doctor Who items available at Whimzie Quiltz Etsy right now, all looking for a good home…

Countdown to the Christmas Special TARDIS Advent Calendar


TARDIS / Police Box Sign 12″ x 16″ Pillow Sham


Pink TARDIS / Police Box Sign 12″ x 16″ Pillow Sham


Always Take a Companion 14″ x 14″ Pillow Sham


Team Work Makes the Halloween Nightmare Work

Halloween is my husband’s favorite holiday, so every year I try to add at least one crafty item to our decorations for him. Since he’s home more now, this year we were able to work together, and the result was three spooky cool projects…

Spider Web Halloween Countdown Calendar

While we have several candy holding countdown calendars around here (including this Count Von Count one I posted about earlier this year,) as we get older and, well, rounder, I’ve started looking for non-food options 😀 Which is why we decided to recreate a countdown calendar I originally saw on Pinterest ~ each day you add a toy spider to the web. No additional calories at all!

We scoured thrift stores for the perfect gothic frame, which he cleaned and painted while I sourced and attached the numbers, web and spiders.


I’m showing a picture from earlier this month with just a few spiders, but as October goes on the weight of those cheap plastic arachnids is really stretching the web! We’ll need to solve that problem for next year.

Haunted Dollhouse Mansion

IMG_4386This is project that took the longest – we’d actually been biking to garage sales for over a year, hoping to find a dollhouse available for cheap. (Once, after seeing a dollhouse stored in an open garage during a ride, I almost knocked on the door to see if they’d sell it! I couldn’t go through with it, but that I even thought about doing something so brazen should tell you how determined I was to create a haunted dollhouse this year.)

We ended up lucking on this Calico Critters Cloverleaf Mansion at a thrift store one afternoon back in July – lots of missing pieces as you can see! I tried eBay for doors and porch, but they either weren’t available or people wanted exorbitant prices. So we made the missing parts ourselves…


Here it is glowing at night –


and a close up so the purple of the lights shows a bit better –


A LOT of work went into finishing this project, but I thought I’d just call out a few things if you are thinking about making one yourself.

One, Blick Art Materials (used to be called Dick Blick) has an AMAZING supply of spray paint in shades you just can’t find at the local hardware store. The main gray for the body of the dollhouse came from there – 3 cans! (This is a really big dollhouse :D)

Two, we tried several different ways to get the silhouettes in the windows, but what worked best was transparent overhead projector sheets. Given the ubiquity of PowerPoint these days, I hadn’t thought about overhead projectors in years, but going old school did the trick. (The silhouettes themselves are free printables created by Dave Lowe. He’s an illustrator as well as a set and prop designer and I’m combing the archive on his blog for other amazing Halloween decor ideas. Stay tuned!)

Three, there’s black foam core on the backside, trimmed to fit. Partly to clean it up, but also because the purple lights in the windows shine brighter with it there.  The lights are just mini LEDs you can get almost anywhere, but ours came with remotes which makes turning the lights on and off so much easier than removing the foam core back ever day.

Cat Eye Chair Covers

Since these were sewing/embroidery, this was a project I did alone ~ but my husband did make it easier by being gone on a solo bike ride while I was working 😀

I was particularly excited to reuse the cat eye embroidery design I purchased for the “Got My Eyes on You” Halloween countdown calendar in my Etsy store.


(The TRICK / TREAT quilted pillows are from 2013! Sometimes when I look up stuff like this to post, I can’t believe how long ago I made them; feels like just yesterday.)



Doing these Halloween projects together was a lot of fun and there’s plans for a (my favorite holiday) Christmas craft or two that take advantage of both our skill sets, as well. But time’s sure passing quickly ~ maybe we should add working together to build a time machine to our to-do list!

Celebrating the Quilt Holidays ~ Count Your Buttons Day

Did you know that all year long there are special days set aside on the calendar to commemorate  quilts, quilting, quilters and quilt-related activities? The are known as the Quilt Holidays and here at Whimzie Quiltz we celebrate each one… Let’s party!

As October 21st got closer and closer, I was thinking Count Your Buttons Day sure seems like a fun quilt holiday to celebrate. Then I realized you actually have to count those silly little things! And when you have as many as I do, it can take quite a while.

Still, since I did take the time to count them, I thought I’d do a little contest over on Facebook to see in anyone can guess how many pink and orange buttons I own.

The person who guesses closest (or a random winner if more than one person gets it right) will receive this sarcastic “Buttons are the only thing keeping shit together around here” wine wrap! (Bottle of Rosé not included 😦 unfortunately)

And as a thank you for reading my blog, here’s a hint ~

there’s more than 1200, but less than 1300. 


The winner will be announced in a Facebook post on the morning of October 22, 2019. Good luck guessing!


15th Anniversary Whimzie Quiltz BOM ~ October

To celebrate 15 years in business, I’m making a quilt ~ and setting aside the 15th day of each month to work on the 15th Anniversary Whimzie Quiltz BOM commemorative project.

It’s getting to be the busiest part of the year for me (so many new holiday items for my Etsy store plus a custom quilt order for Christmas!) but I still took today to finish a block for my 15th Anniversary quilt. Fittingly for the pumpkin month of October, it’s a giant ORANGE sewing machine ~


Don’t have a lot of time for this write-up either, but suffice it to say this wasn’t one of the simpler blocks. 😀 Glad to have another block finished, though ~ only 2 to go!

I really hope you’re enjoying taking the 15th Anniversary Whimzie Quilt journey with me. And remember, there’s still plenty of days each month when I can be working on a super special quilt for you, too! What do you want to celebrate in 2019?

Harry Potter and the Failed Craft Project

Have you ever have one of those projects that you just can’t make work no matter how hard you try? Welcome to my latest disaster…

34947_HarryPotter_AdventCalendar_Front_GLAM_1_largeAlthough I was originally on a wait list, I ended up getting a Funko Harry Potter Advent calendar when they were released last year. It was a lot of fun opening the doors each day during December. But, while the Pops themselves were nice quality, I worried that the cardboard box they came in would not hold up long term and I started looking for a different option.

Ultimately, I purchased a wooden Advent calendar that looked like a book ~ perfect for Harry Potter, am I right? ~ back in January and have been working to update it off and on for about nine months now.

I HATE it.


The paint is both too thick AND too thin (don’t ask me how).

The pearls look so cheesy.

And the hinges don’t line up.

I thought I found the ideal numbering system in the wax seals, but they aren’t coming across like I’d hoped.

The interior picture keeps coming loose in spots.

And to top it all off, the drawers themselves aren’t large enough to hold some of the Pops!


I’ve finally decided to give up.

I’m just tired of looking at it and fussing over it. I’m tired of spending money on it and I’m really tired of spending time on it.

So, for now, it’s off my to-do list. In a few months, I might come back to it… or I might throw it out.

It’s always disappointing when an idea in your head doesn’t come together like you hope. But, as much as I’d like to be, makers aren’t magicians. Sometimes, a project just fails.